tkay maidza
tkay maidza

Mixtape Monday: A Tribe Called Quest x DJ Vadim, DJ Krush, Caribou & More!

A Tribe Called Quest 715w

Rise and shine weekday warriors--Mixtape Monday is back in action. Each week we scour the far corners of the internet and bring you the very best mixes published in the last 7 days, and this week is a well-rounded study in beats, rhymes, and life. Much of this edition's dopeness comes courtesy of DJ Vadim, who has amassed a supercut of A Tribe Called Quest's best recorded work across their five major albums. How long has it been since you took a dose of "Vibes and Stuff?" When's the last time you heard a funky diabetic? We guarantee it's been too long. After all things Tribe the roundup turns global with a brilliant live mix set from Japan's DJ Krush, a dose of Zimbabwean MC queen Tkay Maidza and a worldwide-looking dancehall mix from Robzilla and Jah Banks. All that, plus more certified dopeness will be added all day long, so push it along and enjoy the mix menagerie.

A Tribe Called Quest 715w

A Tribe Called Quest is something of a modern mixtape institution, with Q-Tip's thunderous break beats and Ali Shaheed's tasty jazz cut-ups anchoring many a hip-hop DJ's best offerings. But the group that helped to redefine and elevate hip-hop as an art form in the '90s has more than enough sure shots to stand alone for an extended mix, and that's exactly what the UK's DJ Vadim had in mind when he compiled this neck-breaking compilation of the Tribe's best work. There's almost nothing in these tracks that needs a written introduction--not the syrupy Dilla stutter of "Find A Way" nor the roller coaster vocal ride that is "Excursions." The music is classic, Vadim's selections are on point, and his chops and scratches are done with the care of a lifelong ATCQ superfan.

Tracklist (entirely A Tribe Called Quest):


"Start It Up"

"Find A Way"

"Towa Tei – Technova"

"The Jam"

"Mind Power"

"The Hop"


"Oh My God"

"Check The Rhyme"

"Bonita Appelbum"

"Push It Along"


"Rap Promoter"

"Keep It Moving"

"Once Again"

"Phoney Rappers"

"Electric Relaxation"

"Steppin’ It Up"

DJ Krush Turntables 715w

Things get wild and strange from note 1 on this genre-bending mix/performance/space exploration. DJ Krush is a legend for his tasteful jazz and soul-inspired hip-hop chops, and his skills behind the decks as a turntablist are nigh-unparalleled, but for this set, recorded live in Tokyo for Red Bull Music Academy, is not at all what you're expecting. Krush took to his decks alongside a live ensemble of musicians playing traditional Japanese instruments, superimposing his scratching and spaced-out tracks over vibrant (and human) drums, flutes and strings. Some may be confused (or even spooked) by the mix's space-alien passages, but stick with it and you'll hear a bold declaration of just how well the acoustic and electronic can intermingle. Trip-hop fans especially should listen up now and thank Krush later.

tkay maidza

A fire has been burning up over at Okayafrica, and her name is Tkay Maidza. The 18-year-old Aussie-Zimbabwean rapper has been rapidly amassing a cache of high-energy cuts, collaborating with pretty much every worldwide producer poised to blow up in 2015. Maidza packs a flow reminiscient of Harlem's own Azealia Banks, but packs beats that skew a bit more sunny and lyrics with lighter subject matter. The teenage phenom is quickly rising as one of the brightest new talents with close ties to the airwaves of Sub-Saharan Africa and on this mix we get a sampler of Maidza's versatile talents. A a bonus, wide-eyed listeners will recognize SBTRKT's brilliant clockwork cut "Everybody Knows," and now have much more context in which to enjoy Maidza's smoky vocal line.


Tkay Maidza - "Always Been" (prod. Swick, Lewis Cancut & BOT)

Tkay Maidza - "Switch Lanes" (prod. Paces)

Tkay Maidza - "MOB" (prod. Elk)

Tkay Maidza - "Finish Them" (prod. Bok Bok)

SBTRKT - "Everybody Knows" (Tkay Maidza Edit)

Tkay Maidza - "Brontosaurs feat. Bad Cop" (Elk Drum Edit)

Swick and Lewis Cancut - "Wishes" (feat. Tkay Maidza)

Friend Within - "The Monochrome" (feat. Tkay Maidza)

Tkay Maidza - "Forever" (prod. Swick and Lewis Cancut)

Tkay Maidza - "Gangsta" (prod. Elk)

Kilter - "They Say" (feat. Tkay Maidza)

Tkay Maidza - "U-huh" (prod. Elk)

Tkay Maidza - "U-huh" (Luke Million Remix)

Must Die! - "Imprint" (feat. Tkay Maidza)

Tkay Maidza -"TM" (prod. Swick and Lewis Cancut)

Tkay Maidza - "Basskick Pump" (prod. Swick and Lewis Cancut)

Tkay Maidza - "Trouble" (prod. Motez)

Applejac Crocket and Tubbz Mixtape Cover

In the spirit of sunny skies, palm trees and pastel suits, DJ Applejac has returned with an '80s-heavy mix of classic hip-hop, drum machine pop and funky rarities inspired by the timeless American storytelling of Miami Vice. Get ready for Steve Winwood's "Higher Love," Prince's "Sign O' The Times" and more Reagan-era jams interspersed between the deft scratches of Applejac and his co-conspirator DJ Jaycee. Miami in October isn't a bad place to post up, but if you can't get there, at least this one will set the mood.

Robzilla Jah Banks Calling All Worlds Mix Cover

What happens when you give two of dancehall's greatest DJs a couple of turntables and a boarding pass for a musical trip across the globe? Robzilla and Jah Banks showed us all exactly what happens with their latest Calling All Worlds set. Recorded live in NYC but sourced from all across the globe, the mixtape is bolstered by plenty of house, hip-hop and afrobeat-inspired jams in addition to its grip of top-notch dancehall.

Inspired, at least in name, by Robzilla and Chan Dizzy's scorching "Calling All Girls," which makes the entire thing worth a listen just on its own. Robzilla dropped the mixtape to commemorate the "Calling All Girls" remix pack, which you can check out in full right here. If you've ever tried to imagine just what you're missing out on when a basement dancehall soireé hits its stride, put this on and feel it for yourself.


Sizzla - "Blessed" [Deejay Theory remix]

Ape Drums - "Bookshelf Riddim" [ft. RDX]

Sneakbo - "Ring a Ling"

DJ Spinall - "Gba Gbe è" [ft. Burna Boy]

Jus Now - "D Way Yuh Wine" [ft. Beenie Man & Vanna Vee]

Busy Signal - "Professionally" [over P-Square's 'Personally' riddim]

Konshens - "Show Yourself" [Samrai edit]

Tekno - "Dance"

Storm Queen - "Look Right Through" [Heatwave refix ft. Popcaan]

Oliver Heldens x MAW - "Gecko Work" [MSR edit]

Chan Dizzy & Robzilla - "Calling All Girls" [Deejay Theory remix]

Bunji Garlin - "Differentology" [Razorshop Epic Vibe Roadmix]

Jus Now - "Lost in My Pandeiro"

Machel Montano & Timaya - "Shake Yuh Bum"

Timaya - Ukwu"

Popcaan - "Love Yuh Bad"

LeriQ - "Comment Tu T'appelle" [ft. Burna Boy, Dammy Krane, Mojeed & Ozone]

Burna Boy - "Don Gorgon"

Chairman Mao 135th St Moody Blue Note

Known for digging up and mixing tunes that perfectly toe the line between soothing familiarity and rare novelty, Jeff 'Chairman' Mao is a mainstay of Mixtape Monday. His newest venture is a journey through the jazz labyrinth that is Blue Note Records. Rather than choosing to pluck recordings that have gone on to be sampled by hip-hop's greats, Mao instead has gone for a more contemplative vibe, picking tracks that stand on their own merits as deep and immersive jazz performances. You'll catch Coltrane's quivering vibrato, Paul Chambers's roving basslines and the intrepid early piano work of Herbie Hancock in this set, which is the perfect welcome for winter's dark and deep-thinking nights.

Will Coloan Janet Jackson Collection Mixtape Cover

A mixtape like this one has been long overdue. Will Coloan, an East Coast soul aficionado and indie producer, has compiled a set of all Janet Jackson, one that homes in on the smoothest moments in her career. The easy guide of "Truly," that NC-17 quiet storm smoulder of "Would You Mind" and many more of Miss Dunk's most desirable moments are included in Coloan's mixtape, which is generous in its chops and fades and gives each song plenty of airtime with which to do its thing. Put it on and dim the lights; we'll leave the rest up to you.

LeFtO Nosaj Thing Mixtape Cover

The Belgian mix mastermind LeFtO brought in some extra help for the 600th edition of his regular online show in the name of Los Angeles production guru Nosaj Thing. The man LeFtO wasted no time in opening show #600, though, and dug right in with "Protector," the hidden bonus track from Flying Lotus that was stashed at the end of the You're Dead! vinyl pressing. Nosaj, for his part, highlighted Chance The Rapper and Badbadnotgood during his set, and dropped the gloriously smooth Kaytranada flip of "Kaleidoscope." These Brussels-based mixtape sessions never disappoint; congrats to LeFtO on 6 c-notes worth of shows!

Download show #600 in its entirety right here.



Flying Lotus - "Protector"

Clap! Clap! - "Kuj Yato"

Lunice - "Hitmanes Anthem"

Ducap - "Pushin' Up"

Hwls - "002"

Black Milk - "Hell Below"

(Nosaj Thing Guest Set + ITV)

Diversa - Gaia

Chance The Rapper - "Get Better"

Badbadnotgood - "Kaleidoscope" (Kaytranada's flip)

Mr Beatnick - "Ice Cream Strut"

Belgian Heritage Music Mix

Caribou Dan Snaith BBC Mix Cover 1

Nothing makes our weekend like a BBC Essential Mix, and this one has already made it for us many times over. Dan Snaith aka DJ Daphni aka bandleader and songwriter Caribou wowed the world with his mix of electro, minimalist techno, ambient and hip-hop both old and new, proving that his DJ skills are as fluid and vibrant as the music he himself records. Daft Punk, Armand van Helden, Les Sins and James Brown all make an appearing. Caribou's mix sounds overall much in step with the Essential Mix that Snaith's kindred spirit Bonobo put forth this spring, so why not cue up both and sit back for an entire evening of electrified listening pleasure?


Caribou - "Mars"

Les Sins - "Past"

Mike Dehnert - "Umlaut 2 (Levon Vincent NY Basement Mix)"

Daphni - "Carry On"

Boddika & Joy Orbison - "Untitled"

The Beginning of the End - "Funky Nassau (KH Edit)"

Jack Master - "Bang the Box"

Oppenheimer Analysis - "The Devil's Dancer"

Butric - "Up"

Armand van Helden - "Witch Doktor (Dark Ages Mix)"

Head High - "Hex Pad"

Daft Punk - "Revolution 909"

First Choice - "Let No Man Put Asunder (Baby, Baby, Baby, Aww Shucks) (Ron Hardy Edit)"

Caribou - "Our Love"

Head High - "Megatrap (Mix Mix)"

Sunbelt - "Spin It"

Head High - "Megatrap (4F Mix)"

James Brown - "I'm Satisfied (Underdog Edit)"

Arnie Love & The Lovettes - "We’ve Had Enough"

G Flame & G Flame & Mr. G - "Pulsez"

Silver Apples - "Oscillations (Daphni Edit)"

Daphni - "Tin"

Robbie Tronco - "Runway (As A House) (Original Mix)"

Caribou - "Can’t Do Without You (Extended Mix)"

Butric - "Up"

Pearson Sound - "Rubber Tree"

Lil Wayne - "I'm Single (Instrumental)"

Crash Course in Science - "Jump Over Barrels (Daphni Edit)"

Daft Punk - "Make Love"

AFX - "VBS.Redlof.B"

Caribou - "Julia Brightly"

Anthony Naples - "Miles"

Dorothy Ashby - "Essence of Sapphire"

Gloria Ann Taylor - "Love Is A Hurting Thing"

Danny Hunt - "What's Happening to Our Love Affair"

Marvin Gaye - "Time To Get It Together (Daphni Edit)"

Caribou - "Your Love Will Set You Free"

The Zombies - "This Will Be Our Year"

Lexis Music Is My Sanctuary 71 Mix Cover

Sometimes you've gotta go back to move forward, and so to close out this week's mixtape roundup we've got the kind of set that has old school Okayplayer written all over it. From the bright mind of Montreal's Music is My Sanctuary aka MIMS, this set spans great syncopated music old and new, with cuts from Electric Wire Hustle, Flying Lotus, Falty DL, Thom Yorke and even Steve Reich fading in and out of one another with perfect seamlessness. If you've been perusing the entire mix roundup before listening, might we recommend starting here and working your way back. Until next Monday, dear players, keep moving to it.


Mick Jenkins – Jazz

Flying Lotus – Turtles

Guts – Musicotherapy

Choosey One – Fly Me To The Moon (Prod by Exile)

Nas / Ukey – The World Is Kons (Kon Edit)

Electric Wire Hustle – Numbers And Steel

Eman X Vlooper – Les Pauvres

Cuthead – The Poncho

Horace Andy – Get Down

Witch – Jah Let The Sunshine

Barrington Levy – Gimme the grass (Bosq rework)

High Inergy – It Was You Babe (Young Pulse Rework)

Mo Kolours – You (Wailer)

OL – Around (Upcoming on Meda Fury)

Kenlo Craqnuques – La fievre edit (Upcoming)

Chaos – TrialRider (Vinyl only – ClekClekBoom)

Timoka – In a Box

MFO – Anti Social Plan

Falty DL – Do Me (Bruk Mix)

OL – Melt Down (Upcoming on Meda Fury)

HD – Two P’s (Prod. IAMNOBODI)

Cooly G – Mind

Deadbeat – Woah!

Andy Stott – Faith In Strangers (Upcoming on Modern Love)

Thom Yorke – The Mother Lode

D`Cruze – Lonely

Cain – Croll (Upcoming on Fine Grains)

Photay – Illusion of Seclusion

Steve Reich – Electric Counterpoint (Monk’ rework)

Drew Lustman – A Thorough Study (Vinyl Only – 2000Black)

Collocutor – Agama (Al Dobson Jr Indica Remix)

BadBadNotGood – Velvet

Knxwledge. – Ornah

Tiffany Gouche – Fantasy

Rachel Foxx - Intro

Gabriel Garzon-Montano – Everything Is Everything

Taggy Matcher – No Love Allowed (Upcoming on Favourite)

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