Mister Cee Announces His Departure From Hot 97 On Air

Mister Cee Announces His Departure From Hot 97 Live On The Air (For Real This Time?)

by zo
November 21, 2014 1:05 PM

Mister Cee Announces His Departure From Hot 97 Live On Air

After 21 years of serving the tri-state area with the illest Old School At Noon slot, Mister Cee announced that today’s program will be his last, riding off into the sunset as Hot 97‘s single greatest Technics technician to ever grace the iconic radio station’s FM waves. While this isn’t exactly the first time he’s called it with the station, he has insisted that this time his departure is controversy-free, stepping down of his own volition with the aim of freeing up time in his life and continuing to add to the innumerable contributions he’s made to the culture over the past two decades.

While you may not be able to hear the throwbacks at noon again anytime soon, you can tune into Hot 97 right now bear witness to what may be his very last set on the very last Old School At Noon program ever. Thus far, it’s been all-Brooklyn-everything, shouting out all the legends he ever worked with both dead and living, from Biggie to Kane to Gang Starr and beyond. Let’s all put one up for the legend of the air waves and all of what Mister Cee’s done for our cherished tradition.

>>>Listen To Mister Cee’s Final Mix On Hot 97

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