Mike Dean Enters The Smokebox w/ B-Real

Mike Dean & B-Real Wax Hazily On Process And Patience In A New Episode Of 'The Smokebox'

by zo
September 15, 2015 12:46 PM

Mike Dean Enters The Smokebox w/ B-Real

Mike Dean may be as visible as he’s ever been in nearly three decades of pioneering production, but interviews with the legendary producer and engineer have remained few and far between. Even with the last five Kanye West album all bearing his name and trailblazing touch (not to mention blockbuster albums ranging from Beyonce to UGK, and most recently, Travis Scott‘s Rodeo) Dean has remained out of the public eye for the most part, but thanks to a new episode of B-Real‘s The Smokeboxwe finally know where the mythical Dean has been stashing himself away. The pair of herbal enthusiasts wax hazily over Dean’s methods, how keeping his ear to the ground has granted him keen foresight in understanding what amalgamation of sounds and tones would hit in the club and which would knock your speakers off the shelf, claiming patience and ample smoke to be the conduits. Dean even makes a claim as to which track(s) of his massive catalogue remain nearest and dearest to his heart. Watch as Mike Dean enters the The Smokebox with B-Real, speaking on his process and staying ahead of the curve below.

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