Michael Jordan Weighs In On The Great ‘Space Jam 2’ Debate

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Michael Jordan Weighs In On The Great 'Space Jam 2' Debate

Michael Jordan Weighs In On The Great 'Space Jam 2' Debate

Though Space Jam 2 will likely star Lebron James, Michael Jordan just added another name to the hat of ballers he’d like to see as his successor to the throne. During a recent summer camp appearance, Jordan, addressing a group of adolescents, explained that he had another person in mind for the (basically still) hypothetical sequel’s lead role. The man for the job, in MJ’s opinion, is none other than Blake Griffin, whose recent off-court antics (namely, breaking his hand after punching a member of The Clippers’ equipment staff) had some very real on-court repercussions.

Altercations aside, Griffin is one of the NBA’s most seasoned on-screen personalities, having starred in a provocative episode of Broad City in the nude. That doesn’t necessarily bring him into the PG crowd, but at least you know he’s ready for his close-up. Realistically, James will still end up being the star of Space Jam 2 (if production on it ever actually starts,) especially after delivering a chip to his hometown this past season. Either way, Griffin is almost guaranteed to be cast in supporting role, at the very least. But only time will tell. Watch Michael Jordan tell the kids how he really feels down below.

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