MF DOOM's 'Operation Doomsday' Just Got The Vinyl Reissue You've Been Waiting For

MF DOOM's 'Operation Doomsday' Just Got The Vinyl Reissue You've Been Waiting For

by zo
July 25, 2016 1:41 PM

MF DOOM's "Gas Drawls" Gets The Psychedelic Animation It Deserves

Perhaps no artist in hip-hop or the music world at-large has managed to seem so near yet so far out of reach as one MF DOOM. In fact, not Yasiin, not JayElec, not even Frank “See You Next Lifetime” Ocean has managed to even touch the level of enigma that DOOM has maintained over the years. He teases new projects at will, promises this or that, drops a feature verse and then seemingly disappears.

And seeing as how it doesn’t appear that we’ll be getting that much-hyped Ghostface Killah collaboration album anytime soon, the good folks at Rappcats are throwing it all the way back to DOOM’s classic solo debut Operation Doomsday with a red-and-black vinyl reissue of the beloved LP (which sells out each and every time they press it.) And to help warm you up for your copy, they’ve also released an animated clip for the album cut “Gas Drawls,” weird, whacky and wonderful, like all things DOOM.

Official or not, this treatment is more than fitting of the villainous Viktor Vaughn. Watch MF DOOM’s “Gas Drawls” get the psychedelic animation it deserves in the clip below and head over to Rappcats to pick up your copy of the vinyl reissue while they’re still around.

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