Raury, Little Simz + Kilo Kish Help Round Out MeLo-X’s New ‘Curate’ EP


Modern-day renaissance man MeLo-X delivered his brand new Curate EP Thursday, which features assistance from Raury, Little Simz and Kilo Kish across its six tracks. In truth, though, the record is so much more than a piece of recorded music, and come accompanied by a new free app that affords us a deeper look into Melo-X’s creative vision.

Sonically, Curate is an uplifting batch of Dilla-informed modern beat music, with synthesizer hits blossoming up and outward into a bright stratosphere of hi-hats. It’s as ready for the club as it is the chill out tent, and just goes to show how open the set of ears on MeLo-X truly are. Speaking about the new record in an interview with The Roosevelts, MeLo mentioned numerous live dates and a new focus on distinct touring, rather than the familiar house party circuit. “I want to start releasing music more frequently on my Soundcloud where I have a huge following; I’ve only been posting my remixes up there lately because I’ve spent like the last year or two on my latest project,” he also added. More MeLo is always a good thing, but we’re going to have to take some time just to digest the top-notch effort that is Curate. Listen to it below.

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