Mélat Gets Celestial with Her Latest Track "Mercury Retrograde"

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I honestly didn’t know the music of Mélat all that well before her recent collaboration with Raven Sorvino, but I’m definitely a fan now. Today, the Austin singer/songwriter comes through with her latest track, “Mercury Retrograde.” Yes, I know, nothing is more annoying than your newly “conscious” friends blaming all of their life’s problems on Mercury being in retrograde, but if you’re paying attention there is merit to the phenomenon. As Mercury has been in retrograde most of the month (just ending on the 25th), Mélat uses it to inspire her latest song:

I've begun to notice lately that every mercury retrograde, my relationships are in turmoil - situations that wouldn't occur under normal circumstances are happening. And I'll admit it, that sometimes I don't make the best choices but they often make for the best songs.

Listen to Mélat channel that creative energy, below.