Maseo Of De La Soul Sits Down With The Champs

Maseo Of De La Soul Sits Down With The Champs


Maseo sits in on the latest episode of The Champs podcast with Neal Brennan and Moshe Kasher to discuss groupies, fatherhood and all things De La Soul. Maseo talks about the move from Brooklyn to Long Island that began his musical evolution. He breaks down the science behind De La’s success as they balanced academic responsibilities and studio time during the early days of their career. Maseo also delves into the discussion of selling out and the complex feelings that often accompany success in the entertainment industry. Maseo and The Champs also get into a discussion about groupies and Maseo talks about life as the dad of an Auburn football star. Check the track below to listen to the latest episode of The Champs. Stay tuned for more.

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