Marvel’s Rereleasing Classic Comics w/ Iconic Hip-Hop Album Covers

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Marvel's Rereleasing Classic Comics w/ Iconic Hip-Hop Album CoversMarvel has fully embraced its status amongst hip-hop heads, young and old, and, well, we’re all better for it. But if their adaptations of Run The Jewels didn’t strike a chord, perhaps their latest roll-out will do the trick. The comic book giant has unveiled plans to reissue some of its classic titles with cover art adaptations of iconic hip-hop albums as its latest venture into the rugged and raw. As of now, five titles have been chosen, including the Amazing Spiderman fixed to A Tribe Called Quest‘s Midnight Marauders, Ant Man as Biggie‘s infant daughter on his debut Ready To Die, Spidey and Deadpool doing their best Eric B & Rakim, as well as treatments of Supreme Squadron over Wu-Tang‘s 36 Chambers, the latest addition to The Avengers squad Squirrel Girl looking more Wolf than rodent and plenty more in the pipeline. There’s no exact date set just yet, but this fall is looking awfully ripe. Swipe through the gallery above to get a taste of what’s in store from the Marvel camp and hold tight for the official drops in the next few months. We’re still crossing our fingers for that DOOMSTARKS treatment, though.

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