Marvel Taps Gang Starr, Eminem & Camp Lo For Latest Batch Of Hip-Hop Variant Covers

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Marvel Taps Gang Starr, Eminem & Camp Lo For Latest Batch Of Hip-Hop Variant Covers #*)# => #*)# => #*)# =>

It’s only been three weeks since Marvel dished out a new batch of variant hip-hop covers, but the comic book giant doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, today they’ve unleashed yet another grip of superpowered hip-hop covers for you to revel over. This time around, they’ve tapped the likes of Gang Starr, Eminem and Camp Lo for their celebration of some hip-hop’s greatest pieces of album art, with Scarlet Witch gracing the cover of Relapse, Starbrand & Nightmask leaning hard on the cover of Hard To Earn and this writer’s personal favorite of the whole series, The X-Men getting on the good foot on the cover of Uptown Saturday Night, which borrows Ernie Barnes‘ painting “Sugar Shack,” famously used as the cover for Marvin Gaye/Leon Ware‘s I Want You. What’s more, Marvel has revealed plans to release the covers on stands next month, which means the comic-minded hip-hop enthusiast (of which there are countless) will finally have the opportunity to cop one of these beauties for their personal collection. Though, personally, they could blow up that Camp Lo cover to 18×12 and just take my damn money already. Peep the new batch below and keep your eyes on us for even more of what seems like an endless haul. Jump back and see the full line-up.

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