Mark Ronson Spins As Host James Corden Kicks A Rap On The Late Late Show

Late Late Show James Corden Mark Ronson Rap Monologue

Network TV night owls got a treat yesterday when producer extraordinaire Mark Ronson stormed the CBSLate Late Show, bringing along a pair of decks, mixer and laptop. You can guess where things went from there. Ronson proceeded to drop multiple breaks as host James Corden rapped the majority of his monologue. Over mid-tempo breaks Corden threw textbook late night jabs at the likes of Bruce Jenner, Bill Clinton, Dr. Oz, and others, but things really got going once Ronson dropped a full on instrumental version of the Late Late Show theme. At that point, Corden spat bar after bar, had his audience on its feet, and bandleader Reggie Watts throwing his hands in the air like he just didn't care.

Ronson has now made the rounds on seemingly every late night show imaginable, having brought Mystikal and "Feel Right" to The Tonight Show (with help from The Roots), and of course "Uptown Funk" on SNL. "What about Letteran?" you ask? Astute Ronsonites will recall that in 2010 the producer brought his Business International act to the Late Show--and it was excellent. But which Ronsonization of late night TV takes the cake? Can James Corden hold it down on the mic like Mystikal? Watch last night's rap monologue session below and update your ledgers accordingly.