Mark Ronson x Action Bronson - "Uptown Funk" Remix

Mark Ronson Debuts The "Uptown Funk" Remix w/ Action Bronson On His 'Ebro In The Morning' Takeover

Mark Ronson Debuts "Uptown Funk" Remix w/ Action Bronson On 'Ebro In The Morning' Takeover

Mark Ronson took to the ones and twos this morning on an all-out takeover of Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning that played host to an NYC-only mix of “Uptown Funk” featuring the one and only Action Bronson. As soon as the British hit-machine cut out of an intro that allegedly took 8 hours to make (drops galore) we dive right into the Uptown Special smash, except this take is just a hair slower, freeing up some space for Bronsolino to have his way on the mic. It’s a taste of what could have been, as the Action Ronson collabo rumors have been swirling around for ages now, which isn’t all to surprising given Ronson’s prolific collaborative output and the fact that their just might be some production contributed to AB’s forthcoming Mr. Wonderful LP. Suppose we’ll see on that front. If you don’t have your copy of Ronson’s exceptional Uptown Special LP yet, you should head over to iTunes stat. And as far as our burly beat-bomber is concerned, his own major label debut as Mr. Wonderful is just around the corner, dropping March 24th on an eager mass. Listen as Mark Ronson debuts the “Uptown Funk” remix with Action Bronson below.

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