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Photo Credit: Star Tribune

A Minnesota State Rep Dropped a Rap Album Feat. Bernie Sanders After Getting Sworn In

Minnesota State Representative Maria Isa Pérez-Vega has dropped a new project, titled Capitolio, after being sworn into office.

Minnesota State Representative Maria Isa Pérez-Vega is stepping up to the mic. Under her rap moniker Maria Isa, the Twin Cities native has released new eight-track project, Capitolo, on Tuesday (January 3) which features a blend of genres including Latin, reggaeton and hip-hop. It's opener "Tío Bernie," which translates to 'Uncle Bernie' highlights a conversation with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. It wouldn't be Sanders' first time in the hip-hop scene, as he's previously gotten support during his presidential run from Cardi BBoots Riley, Chuck D and more.

Joining 133 state representatives on the Minnesota House floor, Pérez-Vega represents House District 65B in St. Paul, where she was raised. Also a mother of three-year-old daughter, the Minnesota Representative plans to balance her roles in both music and politics.

"I had my mom with me on the floor and my daughter seated on my lap when I was sworn in and my father overlooking on the balcony, and it just meant a lot," she told KARE 11. "A lot of folks are questioning on, 'Are you still going to make music?' and I say, 'You don't tell a doctor they're going to close their clinic or a lawyer if they're going to close their firm when they're legislators' … After you clock out of a House floor or a committee session, you're going to want to listen to music and reflect on that."

Rep. Pérez-Vega also spoke to The Star Tribune about getting her "energy" from music.

“I had been working on it from the first day I was running for the House, and it’s been a part of my campaign trail the whole way,” she added“Music is medication, and we can certainly use that medication in politics right now.”

Listen to Capitolio below.