Marco Polo Drops 'Rhythm Roulette' Track "Music Vs Gunz"

Marco Polo Drops 'Rhythm Roulette' Track "Music Vs Gunz"

Producer Marco Polo Lets Loose His 2013 Contribution To Mass Appeal's 'Rhythm Roulette' Series With The New Beat Entitled "Music Vs Gunz."

In an interesting and somewhat rare turn of events, producer Marco Polo lets loose his contribution to Mass Appeal‘s Rhythm Roulette series entitled “Music Vs Gunz.” This joint arrives with a threat from MP to turn the track into a proper song:

One day I will spruce this bitch up and a song will be born from it but for now enjoy the raw version I made that day.

Check the track below to listen to “Music Vs. Gunz.” Scroll down to check out the 2013 episode of Rhythm Roulette that gave birth to this beat. Purchase Marco Polo’s PA2: The Director’s Cut LP via iTunes.

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