Dr. Marc Lamont Hill Talks #BlackLivesMatter & More On The Combat Jack Show

Marc Lamont Hill Talks #BlackLivesMatter + More On The Combat Jack Show


Dr. Marc Lamont Hill recently took the hot seat to discuss the uprising in Baltimore, the #BlackLivesMatter movement and more on The Combat Jack Show. His appearance on the show landed this week alongside footage of the LOUD: The Power of the Baltimore Uprising and Baltimore Speaks: A BET Special, both panels where Hill served as moderator. During the discussion with Combat Jack, Dr. Hill breaks down his thoughts on oppression, accountability, American politics, the n-word and justice. Combat Jack and Premium Pete drop this interview with a primer on what might be one their best conversations to date:

In the midst of #Baltimore, #Ferguson, #BlackLivesMatter and a host of other issues, we sit with Dr. Marc Lamont Hill who walks us through his journeys, sheds light on his relationship with the infamous Bill O’Reilly, his views on race in America, President Obama, Drs. Cornel West and Michael Eric Dyson and more. We also get his Top Five List. Press play and #RaiseTheBar

Check the track below to listen to the full interview. Download this episode via SoundCloud. Subscribe to The Combat Jack Show via iTunes. Follow Dr. Marc Lamont Hill on Twitter at @marclamonthill.

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