M.I.A. Releases Spotify-Only Matangi Remix "Trouble Again"

M.I.A - Matangi - Album Cover

The reigning queen of revolutionary dance jams M.I.A. steps down from the throne (mometarily) to bless us with a bonus offering, "Trouble Again," from this year's critically acclaimed Matangi. There's just one catch: she's releasing it exclusively through Spotify. Last year, Swedish duo Cazzette became the first band to release an album, Eject, exclusively through the also Swedish music streaming service. M.I.A. now joins the ranks of the very first internationally recognizable names to debut a Spotify-only track.

The wizards at Spotify have picked their spot wisely: "Trouble Again" is a cinematic, slowed-down remix of Matangi's massive dancehall banger "Double Bubble Trouble," that hits just as hard and is begging to be Chopped and Screwed--looking at you Texas, Monterrey and Jamaica. Stream the new track below: