Lykke Li 'I Never Learn' (LP art)
Lykke Li 'I Never Learn' (LP art)

Lykke Li Teases Music, Art + Tracklist From Her New LP 'I Never Learn'

Lykke Li 'I Never Learn' (LP art)Lykke Li 'I Never Learn' (LP art)

Swedish pop songstress Lykke Li, known as a poet that can weave melancholy melodies into radio airwaves, has released a new track off of her upcoming album I Never Learn, due out May 5th (available for pre-order on iTunes) Along with the new track, Lykke Li has also unveiled the album artwork and a full track list! Lykke Li first released the lyrics to the song “No Rest For The Wicked” on her tumblr and then uploaded audio and visuals to vimeo and youtube.

Lykke's artistry is clearly influenced by visual storytelling as exemplified in the short films she’s released since her last album Wounded Rhymes. Li also released a series of visuals with Swedish artist collective and record label Ingrd consisting of notable acts Peter Bjorn & Yttling, members of the band Miike Snow and Coco MorierLykke Li’s sound has evolved since the 2008 release of tracks like “Dance, Dance, Dance” and “I’m Good I’m Gone” on her debut album Youth Novels. It was not hard to pick up hints of Lykke Li’s music we hear today, which swoons with endless emotion flowing into dark dramatic splendor. “No Rest For The Wicked” builds on the classic songwriting we may hear on an old time radio station and mixes it with echo filled drums and sweet yet somber chord progressions.

Prior to her instagram teaser of “No Rest For The Wicked” Lykke Li released visuals for another track on the upcoming album called “Love Me Like I’m Not Made Of Stone.” In the same wave of releases, she released a track featured in the Swedish thriller Tommy titled "Du är den ende" (You Are The Only One). Listeners can expect an album exploring once more the feelings of desire, hurt, shame, guilt and longing shaped through Lykke Li’s lens. These slow-burning power ballads are set on seducing us into sadness while still carrying us up into a space of hope. See the track list and new releases below:


1. I Never Learn

2. No Rest For the Wicked

3. Just Like a Dream

4. Silverline

5. Gunshot

6. Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone

7. Never Gonna Love Again

8. Heart of Steel

9. Sleeping Alone

10. Outtakes

11. I Never Learn video [Deluxe Version]

12. Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone video [Deluxe Version]

13. No Rest For The Wicked video [Deluxe Version]