lykke li performs i never learn live
lykke li performs i never learn live

Lykke Li Performs 'I Never Learn' Live + Full Album Stream

lykke li performs i never learn live

Lykke Li's new album is the long-anticipated finale of a conceptual trilogy - Youth Novels, Wounded Rhymes and now I Never Learn. The final installment of Lykke Li's melancholy musings adds emotional maturity to the pop space that she consciously rejects. Though this may seem like the songstress' darkest piece yet I Never Learn keeps us on the edge of hope making Lykke Li the queen of regret and forgiveness all at the same time. I Never Learn will not be available in the US until May 6th. However, thanks to NPR you can stream the entire album before it's release date. The album is saturated with big booming instrumentation reminiscent of Phil Spector's wall of sound and starry-eyed 70s inspired singer-songwriter ballads  that hit the heartstrings sonically as well as emotionally. If you have already streamed the album you know what kind of journey pop's finest storyteller is taking you on. Perfect for a bus ride on a winding road, I Never Learn will transport you to a foggy daydream where you'll write love letters on the glass.

In preparation for the forthcoming release, Lykke Li took some of that hazy imagery to the stage in her home country Sweden (don't worry she has a slew of dates coming up in the US). A fan got footage of the songstress and surprisingly it has the feeling of a short film Li may have created herself. The blurry, shaky imagery coupled with the singer's ability to pull the audience into her silhouette gives us an idea of what the Lykke Li experience is. From what we can see, the concert is influenced by poets and performance artists who are able to bring us into a moment and keep us there. You can stream Lykke Li's album I Never Learn along with a tracklist below, plus check out a glimpse of her intense performance of the singles "I Never Learn", "Love Me Like I'm Not Made Of Stone", "Gunshot","No Rest For The Wicked" and "Just Like A Dream."


1. “I Never Learn”

2. “No Rest for the Wicked”

3. “Just Like a Dream”

4. “Silverline”

5. “Gunshot”

6. “Love Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone”

7. “Never Gonna Love Again”

8. “Heart of Steel”

9. “Sleeping Alone”