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Lupe Fiasco Returns w/ New Video “Pick Up The Phone”

Lupe Fiasco Returns w/ New Video “Pick Up The Phone”

Lupe Fiasco

As far as Lupe Fiasco albums go, 2015 finished off with plenty of optimism for what’s to come. As 2016 crept in, we got word of Lupe’s plans to retire, but not before he hit us with three new albums in 2016, Drogas, Skulls, and Roy. We haven’t gotten an update on any of that in quite some time, but Lupe did however drop a video for his single “Pick Up The Phone.”

The song/video dives in head first on the dangers of letting our phones control our lives (relationships) and just how far jumping to conclusions can take us. We’re all guilty of letting our imaginations run wild when that certain someone takes too long to text back (though dude is really OD’in in the video), but the ending shows us his worry is with just cause here.

Watch the video below, and let’s hope there’s some new info on the albums coming soon.

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