Lil Herb x Earl Sweatshirt - "Knucklehead"

Lil Herb & Earl Sweatshirt Take Us Through The Diary Of A "Knucklehead"

by zo
December 04, 2014 3:36 PM

Lil Herb & Earl Sweatshirt Take Us Through The Diary Of A "Knucklehead"

Lil Herb and Earl Sweatshirt aren’t exactly your most conventional tag-team. One hails from Chicago’s full-bloom rap revival and the other from The West Coast’s madcap musical movement, commandeering the troops alongside Tyler The Creator in the Odd Future army. Having said that, I imagine no one was more shocked than I by how enjoyable of a sonic concoction these two were able to cook up on the minimal, choppy piano-driven loosie “Knucklehead,” produced by young Earl himself.  In it, the duo of rugged rhymesayers wax extensively on the trials and tribulations of being, you guessed it, a knucklehead over soulful ivory licks and gritty drums.

Herb’s enjoyed a nice little come-up as of late, being prominently featured on Common‘s “Fight Or Flight” and “The Neighborhood” off his latest album Nobody’s Smiling, which is the perfect platform for a young thugnificent rapper with this much promise. As for Earl, he’s graced us with a few of his own loose joints like the Matt Martians-assisted instrumental “Horn” and the criminally short Alchemist-forged number “45,” but it’s pretty safe to say that we’re just waiting on that Doris follow-up. Until then, you can listen to Lil Herb and Earl Sweatshirt’s collaborative single “Knucklehead” down below.

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