Lee Fields x Lady – “Still Hanging On” [Acoustic Version]

Truth & Soul Artist Lee Fields feat. Lady "Still Hanging On" Video Still

Soul veteran Lee Fields delivers a simple yet powerful testament to the magnitude of his talent in his latest video for an acoustic version of “Still Hanging On.”  This, of course, is a track from his superb album Faithful Man but this acoustic version features Truth & Soul labelmates Lady (comprised of UK singer Terri Walker and former Missy Elliott/Timbaland protege Nicole Wray, for those of you keeping score at home). The video finds Fields offering a musical sermon to his lost love that is is equal parts heart-wrenching and satisfying in its rich melodic arrangement. The rural chapel filled with faceless churchgoers in the pews as the location of his deliverance leaves us wondering if this woman is listening somewhere – is she sitting in that very church waiting for him? Will the object of Fields’ lasting affections ever even hear this testimony of his love for her? Even if she doesn’t, be thankful that you at least got to bear witness to the soul music greatness, as sad as you may be once it eventually has to end. Watch the video below, and be sure to purchase Faithful Man via iTunes.

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