LargeUp Exclusive: Kanye West/G.O.O.D. Music "Mercy" Video + Super Beagle Breakdown

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Kanye West and the G.O.O.D. Music crew (namely Big Sean, 2 Chainz & Pusha T) dropped the video for "Mercy" today--a quick dance through a parking structure of infinite CGI whip appeal right out of The Matrix or maybe an M.C. Escher print. Meanwhile, defying all stereotypes about 'Island Time' LargeUp came through with their  feature on Super Beagle--the mostly unsung dancehall artist who's 45 "Dust A Soundbwoy" is sampled on the unforgettable hook of "Mercy" (specifically the soundclash intro from dancehall legend Fuzzy Jones) providing us with this double-barrelled selection of rap/reggae crossover complete with an exclusive interview and rare photos of SB's more widely known contemporaries like Buju, Spragga and Wayne (Wonder--see above). Read a quick excerpt below and hit the links at bottom to get the complete story and, of course, watch the video.

LU: On the intro of the song, “Dust A Soundboy” which is sampled in Kanye West’s song, “Mercy,” you have Fuzzy Jones.. Who is Fuzzy Jones? What was his role in the dancehall?

SB: When Fuzzy started out, he was a deejay but it was an uphill battle because the pace got so hot with artists like Terror Fabulous and Buju Banton a bust on the scene; but he had this voice. So one time we were doing dubplates to send abroad, as he was doing his, he send off an intro that everybody liked, so he was invited to do an intro for other deejays. It so happened that due to his popularity, he was solely used for his intros. He was a major factor in dancehall, especially when it relates to clashing. His intros were so good that the sound you were killing usually dead by the end of the intro, before the actual tune started.

LU: Have you heard from Kanye West in regards to the sample? Did they clear it with you first?

SB: My thing is already regulated. They don’t really have to contact me. They have people that they can contact; of course they gave me my credit. He said on one of his things, Kanye West sample Super Beagle’s “Dust A Soundboy.” I will get my just due. I’m not worried. I’m glad that he did that. As an artist from Jamaica, we always think or hope that one day an artist like Kanye would sample your work, take it another level to show that people are really listening to our work, not only everyday people, but people [from] far away. It’s a good feeling, and I recommend and endorse it.

LU: Fuzzy’s intro from “Dust A Sound Bwoy” and style was also emulated in Smif N Wessun’s “Sound Bwoy Buriell” from 1995. What do you feel has been the impact of dancehall on hip hop music?

SB: [It] tremendously impacted the hip-hop vibe. You can tell. Look at that great sample that Kanye West did with my song “Dust A Soundboy.” It was perfect. It came back about three times. The beginning, somewhere in the middle of the song and repeated it again. It was right on time, that is a great impact, tremendous impact on the music in America.

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