LA Priest - "Lorry Park"

Succumb To The Mesmerizing Spell Of LA Priest's "Lorry Park"

Succumb To The Mesmerizing Spell Of LA Priest's "Lorry Park"

LA Priest, or the current moniker of one Sam Dust, snatched Zane Lowe‘s oh-so-coveted “Hottest Record” stamp back in March with the buoyant and spacey token of resurgence “OINO.” And if perhaps you missed the boat on his first go-round since returning from scienc-y European schooling, he’s got another glimpse into his weird and wild world of musical alchemy in the fresh instrumental drop “Lorry Park.” While it’s name suggests some stern impression of geography, the meat of this thing puts it anywhere but an earthly plane. Dust casts a fog over the scape with a whirl of ’60s-styled synth work, over which a barrage of drum shuffles and cosmic, synthesized vocals plume. The offering comes to us from his forthcoming Inji project, which could prove to be one of 2015’s many sleepers. Inji is slated for a June 29th release via Domino with digital preorders underway on iTunes and vinyls to be copped on Domino’s site. Peep LA Priest’s deceptively funky new single “Lorry Park” along with the track list for the record below.

Inji tracklist:

01 “Occasion”
02 “Lady’s In Trouble With The Law”
03 “Gene Washes With New Arm”
04 “Oino”
05 “Party Zute / Learning To Love”
06 “Lorry Park”
07 “I’m On A Night Train”
08 “Fabby”
09 “Good Sign”
10 “Mountain”

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