KMD's Classic 'Black Bastards' LP Is Getting A Reissue

Relive The Early Days Of MF DOOM On The Deluxe Reissue Of KMD's 'Black Bastards'

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Before MF DOOM donned his mask and became one of the most prolific MC-producers of modern hip-hop, he was a member of KMD, a rap collective whose work still, to this day, goes criminally under-appreciated (under the radars of many). Thankfully, that last part is about to change.

KMD’s seminal second LP Black Bastards has seen a revival in 2015, thanks in large part to its special Record Store Day re-release, in which it took the form of a pop-up book. Now, word has come that Black Bastards will be reissued in a new deluxe double CD format that includes the record’s instrumental tracks. It all goes down August 14th.

Considered by many to be a “lost classic” of the genre, the 1994 LP was initially shelved by Elektra Records on account of its intense cover art. Later attempts made by MF DOOM (aka Zev Love X) to release Black Bastards through other labels came to naught, and for six years the music sat in limbo. It has since been made available for widespread purchase, and now the new deluxe package will allow for even further enjoyment in what still may go down as one of 90s hip-hop’s most inspired records. Heavily drawing from high-minded influences including Gylan Kain‘s spoken word album Blue Guerrilla, Black Bastards is all but relentless in expression of black consciousness as seen through young eyes. It’s a crucial addition to any hip-hop head’s collection, and will be available in a whole new, immersive way next month. Stay tuned.

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