Stephen Colbert x Killer Mike
Stephen Colbert x Killer Mike

Watch Killer Mike's Sit-Down w/ Stephen Colbert On The Late Show

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Hip-Hop really couldn’t have a better representative than Killer Mike right now. Not on some patronizing “he speaks so well” bullshit, but it’s rare (not unheard of, but rare) that we have a voice who currently represents the music so well (Run The Jewels 3 is on the way) and at the same time can not just intelligently speak on a number of socio-political issues, but more so educate on them.

The latest example would be his appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert earlier this evening. Dressed in his PTA meeting attire, Mike runs through a number of topics, including his fighting daughter, where the moniker ‘Killer Mike’ originates, and Run The Jewels’ upcoming repeat appearance at Coachella.

From there we get into white/black relations as Colbert asks a few questions ‘on behalf of all white people’ (in jest). Mike starts by suggesting all white people take time out to watch Jane Elliott’s Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes exercise (I’d highly recommend doing so, if you’re not familiar), from there they discuss if the tragedies in Ferguson and Baltimore have shifted the national dialogue at all, how we can work to bridge the racial divide, and then the gem of the clip comes from Mike’s message on the difference in his college lectures at white universities as opposed to black ones. The sit-down is wrapped up with why Killer Mike fully endorses Bernie Sanders. The clip is only six minutes and change and absolutely worth your time, check it below.