Killer Mike & El-P Talk Run The Jewels On NPR

Killer Mike & El-P Talk Run The Jewels w/ Frannie Kelley On NPR

Killer Mike & El-P Sit To Talk Shop With Frannie Kelley Following The Release Of The 'Run The Jewels II' LP  For 'Microphone Check' On NPR.

Underground kings Killer Mike and El-P recently sat to talk shop with Microphone Check co-host Frannie Kelley about the genesis and success of Run The Jewels for NPR. The interview follows the release of the Run The Jewels II LP, which arrived to a wave of critical acclaim. Moving on the morning of the interview, co-host Ali Shaheed Muhammad was unfortunately absent from this discussion. The chat celebrates each MC and offers a closer examination of the cult success and commercial failure that facilitated the creation of the group, borne of bittersweet circumstances, an overabundance of dopeness and a stubborn refusal to quit:

“We’re a group comprised of two dudes who met at crossroads, who had come out of crossroads deciding to go out and hunt and kill,” says El-P, who produces as well as raps. “When we met, we had both individually decided we were going to go for ours. Like, no more playing around.”

Check the track below to stream the full interview. Read the full text of the interview and get more via npr.org. Download the Run The Jewels II LP via runthejewels.net.

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