Kendrick Lamar Delivered The Funk At Not-So-Secret Show in Brooklyn [Recap + Photos]
Dressed like summer in the winter, it proved to be a scorcher of a show as K Dot gave it his all in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. | A magnificent performer, Kendrick Lamar went through all the hits, much to the crowds delight. | Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for American Express.

Kendrick Lamar & Rihanna Are Currently Shooting the "LOYALTY." Video

Breaking Down Kendrick Lamar's "DNA." Frame-By-Frame Photo courtesy of YouTube / Vevo.

One of coolest things about Kendrick Lamar, is how he keeps things low, especially his music videos.

Take "HUMBLE." and "DNA." the last two music video he's released, as an example. When it was time for him to drop them, he just shot out the link on Twitter. There was no leaks and definitely no "Making the Video" type of footage.

Kendrick Lamar Extends The 'DAMN.' Tour with YG and D.R.A.M.

Well it looks like that streak has been broken.

Yesterday, footage of what looks to be the "LOYALTY." video leaked to the Internet. In the video, you see Kendrick blindfolded, sitting on a chair in a blood red room. He's begin seduced by a woman who looks like Rihanna, but we're not quite sure.

If it stands, "LOYALTY." will be the third song from DAMN. to get the music video treatment.

Even though it will be interesting to see if Kendrick and the TDE crew adjust their plans after this footage leaked.

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