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Watch Kendrick Lamar Battle His Demons In This New Short, “God Is Gangsta”

Watch Kendrick Lamar Battle His Demons In This New Short, “God Is Gangsta”

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar

An early morning surprise has been gifted from 2015’s rap MVP. Kendrick Lamar finishes up the year strong with this very well done short film entitled “God Is Gangsta”. Directed by Jack Begert of Psycho Films, The Little Homies, and PANAMÆRA, the powerful visuals combine To Pimp A Butterfly tracks “U” and “For Sale?” to startling effect. The video starts with Kendrick alone and in a drunken stupor performing perhaps To Pimp A Butterfly’s most emotionally charged track, “U”.

The latter half of the video features the track “For Sale?”. This clip features images of K Dot being baptized, juxtaposed with clips of him seemingly lost walking through a house of inequity with temptation left and right. All the while, subliminal messages flash through the screen like, “Life is Like a Box of Chicken,” “Always Trust A Nigga With Cornrolls,” “Time Is Change. Your Friend or Foe,” and “Never Trust A Nigga With Too Many Hair Cuts.”

The video ends with Kendrick coming out clean on the other side and literally (and figuratively) crossing a bridge. Watch “God Is Gangsta” below and witness the TDE superstar finishing out the year just as strong as he started it.

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Below are a list of the subliminal messages littered throughout the video (just in case you’re not into watching slow-mo videos):

* “Life is like a box of chicken”
* “Clearance sale 100% off”
* “Instagram 2016=Dussy Unlimited”
* “If I blame you for a loss. I’ll be giving you all the credit”
* “Good dussy can make you melt”
* “Always trust a nigga with cornrolls”
* “Time is change. Your friend or foe”
* “Tracy Ellis Ross is Vibrant”
* “I Made Money. I Lost Money. I Did It Again”
* “Dussy Salary Cap”
* “I followed your rules for way too long”
* “Night Like This I Wish. That Bomb Head Would Fall”
* “My Taste Bloods Is Expensive”
* “You’ll Buy The Mall if Lust Involved. The Evils of It All”
* “You Played The game. I Pimped It.”
* “God Is Gangsta”
* “Fin”


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