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Kendrick Lamar Debunks Rumor Of New Music

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UPDATE: Turns out that Kendrick Lamar does not actually have another album on the way. The rapper took to his Twitter on Friday afternoon to make the announcement.

Read the original story below.

Remember when fans thought that Kendrick Lamar was going to put out another album on Easter Sunday?

Yeah, that ended up not being true.

The incredible DAMN.¬†will be the only album that Kendrick Lamar will make in 2017…right?

Earlier today, Kendrick Lamar was at a Best Buy in his hometown of Compton, signing physical copies of his new album, DAMN. The entire scene was captured on Instagram Live. The video is really interesting because you get to see a pretty joyful Kendrick engage with his fans.

Things get really interesting¬†at around the 21-minute mark in the video below. There, Kendrick shows love to the fans watching online, then he announces¬†that he ¬†“got some more music.‚ÄĚ

He didn’t provide much context to this statement,¬†but Kendrick wouldn’t lie to us, right? RIGHT? Tomorrow¬†Zach Lowe will release his interview with Kendrick. Hopefully, he’ll provide more details there.

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