Kelela Unveils A New Remix + 'Cut 4 Me' Deluxe Edition

Kelela Unveils A New "Enemy" Remix, Announces New 'Cut 4 Me' Deluxe Edition

Kelela Deluxe Edition Cut 4 Me Cover Art

Kelela has made transition the currency of her career thus far, shifting between various modes of neo-R&B, house and soul whenever the moment demands. With that in mind, today’s news that the singer/songwriter will release a deluxe edition of the brilliant Cut 4 Me mixtape makes perfect sense. Loaded with eight brand new remixes from the likes of Nguzunguzu, Girl Unit, MikeQ, Jam City, Massacooramaan, Rizzla and Kingdom, the ramped-up tape is set to drop on April 7th across shelves in both the U.S. and internationally. And we mean it when we say “shelves”–Kelela will be making the jump from the digital to physical on this deluxe release with both cd and vinyl editions of the Cut 4 Me redux set to be shipped to a record shop (hopefully) near you.

To whet our appetites for next month’s release, Kelela today shared the Kingdom remix of “Enemy,” in which the LA producer peels back some of the original version’s density and opens up a broader space between drum hits for Kelela’s soaring vocal to assert itself. The song’s dark synthesis of dancefloor ferocity and bedroom tenderness remains intact, though, proof that no matter what you do to Kelela’s work, it’s impossible to pin her down.

Listen to the Kingdom rework of “Enemy” below, and if you haven’t yet checked out Okayplayer and Kelela’s field trip to a tarot card reader, now’s the time.

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