Kari Faux Releases "Gotta Know" Music Video
Kari Faux feat. Jerry Paper - Gotta Know (Official Music Video)
Source: YouTube

Watch Kari Faux's Music Video For "Gotta Know"

Kari Faux shares the music video for her latest song, "Gotta Know."

The Little Rock, Arkansas artist has dropped the music video for a new song titled "Gotta Know" and it's sure to ride out these last sunny and warm days left before fall really hits.

The video offers a nostalgic, '90s vibe as Faux ventures through a city wearing an assortment of different wardrobes. But underneath the visuals "Gotta Know" tells a story of self-acceptance and not seeking validation through others.

"You either damned if you do/and you damned if you won't/So you might as well go ahead and do what you want," Faux sings, before Jerry Paper (who also produced the track) offers on the song's chorus: "You spent most of your life/Picking out your clothes/What do they all think of you now/You've just got to know."

The song seems to be a part of a forthcoming project titled PRIMARY, according to a caption that accompanies the music video.