Kanye West's 'Yeezus' Streaming on Spotify

Yasiin x Kanye West w/ Robert Glasper Experiement Live at La Bataclan in Paris (as shot by Mr. Mass)Kanye West

Kanye West, photographed by Mr. Mass

The day is upon us. For weeks, hip-hop enthusiasts have been waiting for June 18 to roll around for the release of several highly-anticipated albums including projects from Mac Miller, J. Cole, Quasimoto, and Yeezus himself. Even though many of them fell victim to the evils of internet and were leaked early, there's still something about today that feels a little bit like Christmas for those of us that usually get coal.

Below, you'll find a full album stream of Kanye West's Yeezus exclusively for Spotify users. I guess everyone else will have to buy theirs on iTunes or pester friends with the leak for their copy, but be sure to accompany your first spin through West's sixth studio album with Big Ghost's review from OKP. So far, Yeezus has had a polarizing effect amongst listeners, with some hailing it as an artful development in Yeezy's career and others decidedly underwhelmed, given the amount of hype that has been swirling around its release. See for yourself below (if you have Spotify) and decide if you too pray to Yeezus. But in the meantime, check out LargeUp's roundup of Kanye's "most Jamaican moments" and I'll leave you with this tidbit from Ghost re: "I Am A God":

Feel like this the song Kanye been makin for the last 3 years…except now he jus gettin right to the point n called the song what he probably wanted to call ALL his songs since Watch The Throne n shit. Like son not gon tip toe round the fact that he fell from the heavens above n now he among mere mortals that fuck wit his music. Like he feelin like IF YALL NAWT GON SAY IT AWMA JUS SAY IT FA YAAALLLL. Fuckouttahere Kanye… You wild stupid for a genius yo.

Be sure to check out LargeUp's roundup of Kanye's "Most Jamaican Moments"