Kanye West Reveals The Title Of His New Album

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For weeks now Kanye West has built up a hurricane of media buzz, playing numerous high-profile stages and dropping a number of hints across multiple interviews that all point to one thing–new album. And now that album has a name: So Help Me God.

West announced the album and shared what appears to be its artwork early Sunday morning in a tweet, confirming what has been all-but-obvious for some time now. So Help Me God is purportedly “80 percent done” and will drop “Beyonce style” via a surprise release sometime in the fairly-near future, West said late last month. The record will be West’s seventh major solo release since his 2004 debut, The College Dropout.

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And that artwork? It’s been speculated by Stereogum, amongst others, that it dates to the thirteenth century and is an early Monastic symbol for the Virgin Mary. Bold? Definitely. Strange? A bit. Predictable? Absolutely–Mr. West has always had a penchant for references to Christian theology.

Just how long we’ll have to wait until the new album drops is an answer that probably only Kanye knows. When the Yeezus artwork first appeared in 2013 the album’s official release date was still a month off. However, with “Wolves,” “All Day,” “Only One,” and “FourFiveSeconds” currently circulating, it seems as if the iron is hot and Kanye’s full-album strike could come at any moment. Stay tuned for more updates as So Help Me God draws nearer.

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