LargeUp Top 10: Kanye West's 10 Most Jamaican Moments

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If you've already listened to Kanye West's new album Yeezus, you probably noticed the reggae-derived samples throughout. Also, if you've followed Ye's production for a while now, you know this is nothing new for him. Our channel partners at LargeUp put together a list of Kanye's Top 10 Most Jamaican Moments--here are a couple of my favorites.

Coming in at spots 3 and 4 were Jay-Z's "Lucifer" and "Encore," each featuring distinct reggae samples that make you wonder if West is short for West Indian somewhere in his family tree. Both tracks off  2003's The Black Album, Kanye borrowed from Max Romeo's "Chase The Devil" and a reggae tribute to The Beatles with John Holt's cover of "I Will" to produce these island-influenced sounds for Hova. Naturally, Kanye seamlessly incorporated the originals to suit Jay's style and made bangers of the both of them. Read what LargeUp had to say and scroll down to listen to some of his most well-executed Caribbean extractions below.

Meanwhile, the horns from John Holt’s reggae cover of The Beatles’ “I Will” blare across “Encore,” signaling what was intended to be Jay-Z’s grand send off on his retirement album. At this time—three months before the release ofCollege Dropout—Kanye’s production was still heralded as his bread and butter. While Danger Mouse’s mash-up masterpiece The Grey Album was heralded as a visionary project for its pairing of Jay’s Black Album a capellas with the sounds of the Beatles, it’s important to note that Kanye also went leftfield by weaving in Holt’s Beatles cover to create “Encore.” Mash it up Yeezy.

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