Watch Kanye West's Full Glastonbury Performance
Watch Kanye West's Full Glastonbury Performance

Watch Kanye West's Contentious Glastonbury Performance In Full

Watch Kanye West's Full Glastonbury Performance

Kanye West's presence at Glastonbury was a decision met with historic levels of contention. But, par the course, Yeezy showed up despite a well-circulated petition to bar the performance, and stunted a massive set, filled with fan favorites, a cover of Queen's epic "Bohemian Rhapsody," a guest appearance from longtime collaborator Justin Vernon AKA Bon Iver and, of course, some priceless quotables ("I'm the greatest rock star on the planet",) all set against a perfectly elaborate lighting rig that must have been a thrill to see in person.  And in the face of the internet's grimace (and even one unruly fan, who ran out during "Black Skinhead") Ye delivered on all fronts and even showed a bit of humility for a change. You can watch Kanye West's full Glastonbury set down below along with the full set list, but if you're looking to see the Yeezus descend in the flesh, grab a ticket and head north of the border for the Ottawa Blues Festival next weekend.

Set List:

Stronger - 3:25

Power - 7:14

Niggas in Paris - 10:22

Black Skinhead - 12:36

Lee Nelson (streaker) the bellend - 13:00

Black Skinhead cont. - 13:44

All Day (WOW) - 17:01

Cold - 21:11

Clique - 25:06

I Don’t Like - 27:42

Mercy - 29:09

New Slaves - 31:03

Blood on the Leaves - 35:11

Heartless - 38:04

I Wonder - 41:02

FourFiveSeconds - 42:58

Woods (Bon Iver cover) - 47:30

Kanye has a moment (Tissues) - 52:11

Lost in the World (with Justin Vernon) - Part of the speech...

Hold My Liquor (with Justin Vernon) - 56:23

No Church in the Wild - 59:09

Jesus Walks - 01:02:26

Diamonds from Sierra Leone - 01:05:37

Bound 2 - 01:07:27

Runaway - 01:10:06

Only One - 01:14:34

Touch the Sky - 01:18:04

All of the Lights - 01:24:05

Good Life - 01:27:25

Bohemian Rhapsody - 01:32:24

Can’t Tell Me Nothing - 01:34:13


Golddigger - 01:40:20

All Falls Down - 01:43:34