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Someone Paid $500 For A Snippet Of Kanye West’s Unreleased “Black Bruce Wayne” [Listen]

Someone Paid $500 For A Snippet Of Kanye West’s Unreleased “Black Bruce Wayne” [Listen]

Fan pays $500 for 32 second clip of Kanye West's "Black Bruce Wayne"

A snippet of Kanye West‘s unreleased “Black Bruce Wayne” has come to us via the internets in a peculiar tale of forum wizardry. Apparently one lucky nut over at KanyeToThe.com managed to get his hands on this 32-second sliver from another anonymous board member for the thrifty sum of $500. While it was alleged to be a cut from the upcoming Florence-recorded follow-up to Yeezus, compositionally it doesn’t even touch the raw lo-fi madness of the polarizing record.

Those clean synth and bass tones are just too much of a throwback for the forward thinking producer, sounding more akin to tracks from Graduation, 808s & Heartbreaks or even Common‘s Be sessions then a follow-up to one the more controversial pieces of the decade. Whatever it is, wherever it came from, its at least a morsel of verification that the recently wifed superstar can and will withhold from the masses, as long as there isn’t a sneaker deal involved. Listen to a snippet of Kanye West’s “Black Bruce Wayne” below and let us know what project you think it was left off of. For an actual Yeezus outtake, peep “God Level” from Adidas’ recent TV spot.

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