Kahlil Joseph Celebrates Black Art With New Short Film

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Kahlil Joseph Celebrates Black Art With New Short Film

Kahlil Joseph Celebrates Black Art With New Short Film

KENZO has released a short video for their Spring / Summer 2017 line.

Titled Music Is My Mistress, the almost 13 minute video tells a non-linear story centered around artist Kelsey Lu, actor Jesse Williams and actress Tracie Ellis Ross, with Williams searching for Ross (who is described as “African royalty”) throughout Los Angeles.

As Lu (and rap group Shabazz Palaces) soundtracks Williams’ journey, he ultimately discovers a house where Ross is supposedly staying. However, Williams never gets the opportunity to meet her, with Ross’ whereabouts left unknown.

Considering the film is called Music Is My Mistress maybe it can be interpreted that Ross represents music. Regardless of personal interpretations, the video is beautifully shot, and features some great footage of Lu performing.

The video is directed by Kahlil Joseph, who also worked on Beyoncé‘s incredible Lemonade visual album and has shot for KENZO in the past.

During New York Fashion Week, Williams spoket to Vanity Fair about the film and the importance of creating art that provides important commentary.

“The art community means a tremendous amount in times of bliss and in times of peril. The world is in a very contentious moment right now, and it’s all the more important now for people to be able to create daring, inclusive, forward-leaning material that is challenging for the status quo,” Williams said. “Artists shake shit up and they drive the conversation and establish a new stake in the ground. It’s so important to keep on doing this.”

He also discussed how entertainers should not be afraid to talk about politics, saying: “Actors should talk and to continue to speak up about politics. Acting is a job. A career. If I’m a plumber, can I only fix pipes? If I’m a teacher, can I only teach? If that’s a rule, it’s fucking bizarre and ridiculous. I can’t care about being a member of the electorate and what happens in the legislative office? It’s asinine. I have been a politically active, social-justice activist my whole life, and I happened to have started acting. I think people should do what they want to do.”

Check out the video below.

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