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Justine Skye
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Justine Skye Liked Tweets Suggesting Sheck Wes Was Her Abuser

Justine Skye opened up about a past experience with domestic abuse in an interview on Power 105's Breakfast Club Monday morning.

On Sunday, the 23-year-old Roc Nation singer appeared to accuse 20-year-old rapper Sheck Wes — whose viral SoundCloud hit "Mo Bamba" landed on Billboard Hot 100 in September. Skye liked several tweets from fans that identified Wes as her abuser.

In the Breakfast Club interview, she stated, "It's not even about protecting him... It's not about revenge, it's not about exposing this person... Maybe one day I will say who it is."

She continued, appearing to confirm that the person may be in the music industry, saying, "I don't thin that people would care. I don't think that it would make a difference... In rap culture, people don't care; it doesn't matter what the artist did. It's about how talented they are, and they'll still be bumping their music."

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In October, she released a single and video for Domestic Violence Awareness Month entitled, "Build" which addressed the abuse from who she says was a recent partner.

She tweeted, "I never said who it was because I knew it wouldn’t matter to a lot of you."

When a Twitter user addressed her past friendship with stylist and Kanye West protege Ian Connor, who has a reported 21 rape and sexual assault allegations against him, Skye responded, "We're no longer friends," and released a statement apologizing for previously defending Conner.

In another post, she wrote, "I apologize for the tweet I made a few years ago. I defended someone I considered family at the time... I apologize for being naive and continuing to be friends with someone who I had to learn wasn't a good person and for sure doesn't give a damn about women."

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Sheck Wes has yet to comment.

This is a developing story that will be updated once new information becomes available.