Justin Timberlake & Jay Z live in Philly, Legends of The Summer shot by Yusuf Muhammad
Justin Timberlake & Jay Z live in Philly, Legends of The Summer shot by Yusuf Muhammad

Jay Z & Justin Timberlake Live In Philly [Photos + Recap]

It seems like all of Philadelphia converged on Citizen's Bank Park last night for Jay Z and Justin Timberlake joint appearance for their Legends Of The Summer tour stop. That apparently includes the IllaDiaspora too, because everybody's favorite music snob Questlove made sure he was on hand for the event, tweeting out an image of the empty stage with the caption "Waiting For Legends."  He also added some choice play by play commentary throughout the night, including:

"Wow. So much for that vow to never do "Paris" w/o each other. #LegendsOfTheSummer"

Lucky for us (and y'all) Okayplayer photographer Yusuf Muhammad was also on hand to document the night (click through a gallery of his fittingly epic photos above). Here's how he described it:

"There wasn't one person sitting in Citizen's Bank Park in Philly as everyone in the stadium waited for Jay Z & JT to hit the stage. Once the house DJ stopped playing music, there was an anxious 10-minute wait for the show to begin. As the band started playing, lights flashed and the arena went up in a roar. Jay Z arrived on one side of the stage and Timberlake on the other. They came together on stage and the night began. Starting off with "Holy Grail" from Jay Zs new album Magna Carta, then fading into renditions of all their classics, from Hov's "H to The Izzo" to JT's "Rock Your Body." All the songs were blended together almost in a live remix type of way. As the classics rolled out--with the crowd singing along to every word--Timberlake grabbed a guitar and Jay Z performed "99 Problems" while he played, the highlight of the entire show. From the graphics to JT's ad-libs, the concert went to another level during that song. Overall the night was a jaw-dropping, never sitting in your seat, yell-rapping at the top of your lungs experience. The Legends of The Summer show was something to remember for the rest of the summer."