Just Blaze Interview with Okayplayer TV

Just Blaze Answers "The Questions" For OKP TV

Just Blaze Interview with Okayplayer TV

In the person of one Justin “Just Blaze” Smith, we had a friend and a legend both amongst us at Roots Picnic this year; a super-producer who’s been hot since ’97 and cutting records since before I, personally, was borned. It’s inspiring to recall that Blaze started as a quietly hungry intern at The Cutting Room and is now a card-carrying member in the OG inner circle of producers and engineers that have been able to sustain decade-spanning careers. In spite of shorthand  references to “the Just Blaze sound” it would be more accurate to say that Just doesn’t have a sound, he has an ear. But he’s responsible for predicting–and creating–the sound of the future several times already, from chopped and time-warped soul samples to blazing horns and category 5 bass to the ghetto electronica he and sometime collaborator Baauer have been putting down since their tour together last year.

Blaze took a vacation from the future to visit Philly and build with us, graciously answering “The Questions” that keep us up at night–you know like, If you worked on the soundtrack to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle video game–will you be working on the movie, too?? Speakin’a movies, which Star Wars films are officially official? What’s your best Jay Electronica story? What’s your favorite Snoop Dogg song? Rap or EDM?  Please tell us about how the ’90s hood movie Juice may be responsible for making you choose the path of DJ wisdom that resulted in the Just Blaze we see before us today? To get the answers to all these “The Questions” and more, just hit play on OKP TV below:

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