Watch Jean Grae & Flying Lotus Perform On 'Why?'

Watch Jean Grae & Terrace Martin Perform "Before The Summer Broke" On 'Why With Hannibal Buress'

Watch Jean Grae & Flying Lotus Perform "Before The Summer Broke" On 'Why With Hannibal Buress'

Back in 2013, BK’s fatale femme Jean Grae dropped the slick and sensual cool-out joint “Before The Summer Broke” on her Gotham Down Deluxe LP. Fast forward less than two years and we’ve got four new albums, two of which were dropped just last month in the SAIX and iSweatergawd EPs, showcasing her sinister and sultry musical personalities. Last night, we got another taste of her sensuality when she took to Hannibal Buress‘ new Comedy Central program Why? to light up the stage with a performance of the aforementioned cut, backed by Terrace Martin on keys and a lone six-string, colliding with in-house DJ Flying Lotus‘ warbled low-end stylings. For those that forget just how dynamic of an artist Grae is, here’s a life-sized musical post-it note to keep you on-point. The performance also serves a fine warm-up for her forthcoming live shows, the first of which is just next week at NYC’s Santos Party House on August 5th with the follow-up coming in Montreal on September 15th at The Fairmount Theater. So if you find yourself in either place over the forthcoming weeks go peep. Or just sit back and hit play on Jean Grae’s lovely live rendition of “Before The Summer Broke” on Why? With Hannibal Buress below.


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