Jazmine Sullivan Drops New Single "Forever Don't Last"

Jazmine Sullivan - "Forever Don't Last"

by karaslamb
September 04, 2014 9:55 AM

Jazmine Sullivan Drops The New Single "Forever Don't Last" From Her Forthcoming 'Reality Show' LP

Jazmine Sullivan continues to ply a ravenous fan base with new music as she reclaims her place as a rising soul giant ahead of the release of her forthcoming Reality Show LP. This time she serves up the new single “Forever Don’t Last” – a bittersweet love ballad that showcases the depths of her dexterity in a series of runs, riffs and scats that will find fans traversing the peaks and valleys of her powerhouse vocal before winding it back. Jazmine sings with a spare accompaniment that hearkens back to the arrangements that first endeared fans to the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill – from acoustic guitar to mind-melting backing vocals and emotional vulnerability – and allows the lyrics the room to land a proper gut punch. Check the track below to listen to “Forever Don’t Last.” Stay tuned for more from Jazmine Sullivan.

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