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15 Years Later, Jay-Z’s ‘Fade To Black’ Documentary Is Finally Streaming

15 Years Later, Jay-Z’s ‘Fade To Black’ Documentary Is Finally Streaming

15 Years Later, Jay-Z's 'Fade To Black' Documentary Is Finally Streaming
Photo Credit: Vickey Ford for Okayplayer

15 years after its release.

A documentary centered around Jay-Z‘s legendary performance at Madison Square Garden that was originally released 15 years ago is now available to stream.

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Fade to Black was filmed in November 2003 at Madison Square Garden. The concert was meant to be Jay’s final concert. Announcing his retirement after the release of The Black Album, the show featured performances from Beyoncé, Missy Elliott, Ghostface Killah and Pharrell, as well as appearances by Voletta Wallace (the mother of the late Notorious B.I.G.), and Afeni Shakur (the mother of the late Tupac).

The documentary was originally released on November 5, 2004, but hasn’t been accessible online — until now. Those with a TIDAL membership can watch the documentary on the streaming service. TIDAL shared the news on Twitter on November 5.

“15 years ago today, JAY-Z released ‘Fade to Black’ — a documentary about the making of a legendary live performance at Madison Square Garden,” the tweet read. The social media account followed that up with a link to the documentary.

In related news, Jay called T.I. about the latter’s top 50 rappers list and his placement in it. The list finds Tupac taking the top spot, with Jay in second place.

“We were talking about something completely unrelated,” T.I. said. “And then he said ‘oh, by the way…you really believe that?'”


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