Hear Jay Electronica & MF DOOM Trade Bars On "Light Years"

Hear Jay Electronica & MF DOOM's Freshly-Unearthed Collaboration

Hear Jay Electronica & MF DOOM's Unearthed Collaboration

Over the weekend, the internets damn-near went up in smoke when MF DOOM revealed a fan-shot clip of what would have been a joint performance of a new collaboration featuring Jay Electronica. Jay (taking a page from DOOM’s book) never showed for the performance, but all we needed was the audio to teem with excitement over the possibility of the rap game’s two most reclusive entities joining in unholy matrimony over one bossa-blessed beat, produced by Madlib (according to KanyeToThe.)

Today, the shadowy hands of the internet have unearthed a hi-fi version of that collaboration for us to salivate over, presumably titled “Light Years,” which should certainly hold some of you over until one or the other decides it’s time to step back into the ring. There’s really no telling how long the track will stay where it is, so be sure to scroll down in a hurry to hear MF DOOM and Jay Electronica connect on this freshly dug-up rarity. If you’re itching for more from Jay, you can refer to Chance The Rapper‘s Coloring Book project, where the NOLA legend made an unexpected appearance. As for DOOM…well, don’t hold your breath. He’ll pop up whenever he’s ready. 

TRACK REMOVED BY REQUEST OF THE ARTISTS (with whom we like to keep good relations)

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