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Jay Electronica “Can I Kick It (Holladay)” [Unreleased]

Jay Electronica “Can I Kick It (Holladay)” [Unreleased]

Jay Electronica "Can I Kick It (Holladay)" [Unreleased]

I’ve long since promised myself that every time I post something about Jay Electronica I’m not going to fall into the trap of going off on some “Where is Act II!!?!?” After all these years I’m at peace with the idea that the album may never surface, and I’ll just enjoy the Electronica music as it comes, and take it for what it’s worth. For your own sanity, I suggest you do the same. So this seems to be a fairly old track–that you’ve probably even heard if you’ve seen Jay live over the years. But a high-quality stream of it hit the net this evening and that is news [it ain’t real ’til it hits the interweb -ed.]. And let’s be honest, whether or not it’s “really” new, anytime you’re able to put Jay Elect into your regular iTunes/Spotify/Shuffle Culture playlists alongside mere mortal MCs is cause for celebration [even if he wasn’t rocking over the atmospheric, all-time-classic drum & bells rhythm section from Bob James – “Take Me To The Mardi Gras” AKA Run DMC – “Peter Piper” AKA Biz Markie’s favorite beat ever. I guess if anybody can re-ignite the infamous “backwards bells” controversy, it would be Jay Elect -ed.] Listen to “Can I Kick It (Holladay),” below. Anyway, maybe we’ll get a new album from Jay before the year ends…maybe we never will. But either way we just got some new (kind of) heat from one of the illest lyricists in the game – enjoy it.

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