Jamie Lidell Returns w/ Synth-Drenched Ballad "Pink Light"

Jamie Lidell Returns w/ The Lovely, Slow-Burning Ballad "Pink Light"

by zo
July 27, 2015 2:34 PM

Jamie Lidell Returns w/ The Synth-Drenched Ballad "Pink Light"

Jamie Lidell fans have tossed and turned many times over these past few years, hoping, dreaming, waiting and wishing that the English soul music futurist would grace the world with a follow-up to his self-titled 2013 outing. And while the wait has been a long one, the Super Collider-alum has peppered us with sensual one-offs like the slow-churning “Believe In Me” and his contribution to the GTA V box-set “Runaway” to help hold us over. Today, Lidell resurfaced with yet another sizzling loosie in “Pink Light,” marrying his brawny vocal arrangements with the synth-smothered balladry of the mid-80s, leaving us with one very fulfilling new offering without an album to call home. If you’re a die-hard Lidell follower, you can consider this the sophisticated, yet slightly more raw little cousin of his 2008 single “Green Light.” There’s yet to be any information on whether we’ll receive a new record from Lidell this year, but you know precisely where to get it when the word makes way. Listen to Jamie Lidell’s lovely new cut “Pink Light” below and check back over the weeks and months ahead for the latest from your boy.

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