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J. Cole “Folgers Crystals” + Revenge of The Dreamers II Out Now

J. Cole “Folgers Crystals” + Revenge of The Dreamers II Out Now

Revenge of The Dreamers II

Revenge of The Dreamers II

It’s been a busy week for J. Cole. Yesterday, we got a dope preview of Cole’s upcoming HBO special, Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming, and all weekend we heard word of J. Cole and his Dreamville cohorts dropping their next compilation album, Revenge of The Dreamers II, on December 11th. Well, release date be damned, the album just hit itunes moments ago. You can get a listen to the intro track, “Folgers Crystals” featuring Cole for dolo, below. Head over to iTunes to purchase the full project from Cole, Bas, Cozz, and Omen (tracklist below).

1. “Folgers Crystals” (J. Cole)
2. “Night Job” (Bas Feat. J. Cole)
3. “Backseat” (Ari Lennox Feat. Cozz)
4. “Caged Bird” (J. Cole Feat. Omen)
5. “48 Laws” (Omen Feat. Donnie Trumpet)
6. “Housewives” (Bas)
7. “Tabs” (Cozz Feat. Bas)
8. “Still Slummin’” (lute)
9. “Grow” (Cozz Feat. Correy C)

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