Hear Ingrid Chavez's Touching Prince Tribute "You Gave Me Wings"

Premiere: Prince Muse + Collaborator Ingrid Chavez Shares Touching Tribute "You Gave Me Wings"

Premiere: Prince Muse + Collaborator Ingrid Chavez Shares Touching Tribute "You Gave Me Wings"

It’s no secret that Prince was a man of many muses. The icon’s entire career can basically be viewed through the lens of who he was deriving his inspiration from, stretch to prolific stretch. Perhaps one of his most overlooked of said muses may be Ingrid Chavez, a stunning poet and vocalist who began working with Prince in 1987 after a chance meeting with the icon in a Minneapolis coffee shop.

From then forth, Chavez remained a close presence in Paisley Park, recording an entire album’s worth of poetry set to the tune of Prince’s purple-crushed notes, contributing to Lovesexy as “The Spirit Child” and even starring in his 1990 film Graffiti BridgeThough several singles were eventually released from the collaborative album, the project as a whole was shelved due to creative differences between Prince and Warner Brothers, just at the onset of his label troubles. We may never hear the full-fledged project as it was intended, but Chavez still reflects warmly on her time with The Purple One and all the splendor they shared.

Today, we have the pleasure of bringing you a touching tribute to Prince from Chavez, written on the very day of his passing.

“I listened to the instrumental track that Ganga sent to me for the first time the day before and had decided that the next day I would go for a drive through the country side and see if it inspired any words or melodies. As I was getting into my car to take my drive I received a call that Prince was gone, that he had left this earth. I drove for hours listening and forming words of remembrance and gratitude. It was the saddest day. The late spring trees a blur through teary eyes. It seemed like a dream. This is what came of that day. For you my dear Friend… It’s springtime in Heaven where your light will forever shine.”

It’s an emotional ride through heartfelt poetics that speaks to the everlasting glow of a singular talent who’s touched so many throughout his near 40 year career. Hear Ingrid Chavez’s “You Gave Me Wings” below and be sure to keep The Purple One in your hearts like the rest of us. Because every day is Prince Day.

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