OKP Premiere: DJ Spinna Treats Illa J’s “Sunflower” To A Spacey House Remix

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DJ Spinna Treats Illa J's "Sunflower" To Spacey House Remix

DJ Spinna Treats Illa J's "Sunflower" To Spacey House Remix

A few months back, Illa J stepped out in a massive way, dropping a stud self-titled album that is amongst the year’s best, hands down. Amongst the dynamic set of cuts, laid a supremely organic take on house music, dubbed “Sunflower.” Today, however, we have the pleasure of bringing you cosmically-dope remix of the cut from Brooklyn’s own DJ SpinnaWith a driving, footwork-friendly drum track anchoring the track, Spinna pulls back the guitar trills and picks up the pace a bit, providing a little dance-floor fodder for the steppers of the world in a minimal and intoxicating blend of house and hip-hop a la Soho‘s “House Music”; a perfect score to the weekend’s turn-up or merely something to rigorously tap your toes to as you glide into the second half of the work week.

Step to the DJ Spinna remix of Illa J’s “Sunflower” below and take the joint home with you by copping via Bandcamp today. For those looking to feel the funk live and direct, you can catch Spinna in LA at Echoplex on December 11th and Illa at The Drake in Toronto on December 9th.

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