Hybird Hits Chelsea Market For The $2 Bill Event Featuring ?uestlove & DJ PHSH

Hybird Hits Chelsea Market For The $2 Bill Event Featuring Questlove & DJ PHSH


Hybird hits Chelsea Market in New York City today for the $2 Bill Event featuring the sounds of Questlove and DJ PHSH on the 1’s and 2’s. The brainchild of ?uesto and restaurant impresario Stephen Starr, Hybird is fast approaching the cult status recently afforded the legendary cronut – a snack so crackishly popular that Dominique Ansel Bakery has enlisted bouncers to manage the line – as foodies clamor to get their hands on what is rumored to be the osiris of fried chicken drumsticks. Adding to the lore, ?uesto’s chicken recently made the cover of New York Magazine‘s Cheap Eats issue. Chances are you’ve been curious about what’s cooking and haven’t had a chance to stop in. Today would be a great day to drop by. All of the items on the menu will be $2.00, which leaves you with every excuse to sample a host of dishes during the recession friendly event. Along with ?uesto’s legendary drumsticks, Hybird is offering dumplings, cupcakes and biscuits with honey butter. Get in where you fit in. The $2 Dollar Bill Event at Hybird runs from 11 AM to 3 PM today. Check the flyer above for details. If you miss today’s shindig, the party will continue throughout the year as Hybird offers weekly pop-up DJ sets with their magnificent chicken. Get directions to Chelsea Market here.

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